At Happy Healthy Dog, we believe that all dogs deserve to live their best life. We've seen what's in conventional dog food, and it doesn't sit right with us. So-we decided to do something about it! Our fresh and nutritionally balanced meals come in a range of weekly plans and one-off packs, as well as a 1-week trial option – so you can see for yourself the benefits of feeding your dog healthy, customised, ethically sourced foods.
When it is time to sleep, does your dog pick a comfy spot and drift carefree into his dreams of chasing squirrels or eating bacon? A happy, relaxed dog will sleep well. Stressed dogs wake up, get up, pick a new spot, fall asleep and then repeat. They are not relaxed enough to get into a deep sleep, which could cause health troubles. Talk to a vet and/or a dog trainer about how to get your dog relaxed and happy so he can sleep well.

Our pet sitters don’t operate like a traditional dog day care centre – instead, you can choose the individual pet sitter who will be providing one-on-one dog day care services for your furry friend. Does your dog not get along with other dogs? Arrange dog day care with a pet sitter that only takes in single bookings at a time. Alternatively, your dog can make new friends during doggy day care – but usually only a maximum of 2 or 3 dogs at a time.